NinjaNet - Network Connection Management Tool



Current Version: 20120701
Connected Users: 4
Avg. Bandwidth: 0.24 mbps
Avg. Session Length: 24 min.
Avg. Data Transfered: 129MB
Total Session Length: 4 yrs.
Total Data Transfered: 3.3GB


The use of NinjaNet may not be legal in some areas, depending on local laws and restrictions. The NinjaNet team does not condone the use of this tool where prohibited by law. Be sure you are in compliance with all rules and regulations in your area before using this product.


NinjaNet is a powerful client-side tool for automatically configuring internet connectivity. The tool will automatically initiate connections with local wifi hot-spots, and do everything in its power to get you up-and-running.



To protect your privacy while utilizing untrusted public-wifi connections, NinjaNet supports an additional feature that allow you to use encrypted connections to a proxy server. This makes it virtually impossible for a wireless network operator to eavesdrop on your network traffic and helps protect your anonymity. This secure proxy service can be enabled for less than a dollar per day.

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